State-of-the-Art Digital X-rays & Veterinary Diagnostics

Digital X-ray & Veterinary Diagnostics Provided by ZimmVet

Effective health care starts with an accurate diagnosis. That’s why ZimmVet offers a comprehensive set of advanced diagnostic tools for our valued patients. Through our digital X-ray technology and in-house laboratory, we are able to obtain detailed patient assessments quickly and conveniently.

Digital X-rays are a non-invasive method of viewing the inner workings of your pet’s bodily systems. X-ray technology has come a long way since the days of having to wait for film to develop. With our digital X-ray machine, health conditions such as masses, tumors, potential obstructions, arthritis, pet pregnancies, and more can be detected with enhanced reliability and precision. Digital technology allows for easy transfer of X-rays to other veterinary specialist and organizations such as OFA for hip and elbow certifications.

The Advantages of Digital X-rays

  • Faster and more convenient than traditional X-ray film method
  • Sharper images result in more accurate diagnosis
  • Real-time image viewing cuts down on retakes
  • Less radiation exposure to your pet
  • Images can be archived, copied, or transferred electronically

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory offers the convenience of same-appointment results on routine tests for heartworm, Lyme disease, and intestinal parasites. We also have the capability to perform complete blood counts, blood chemistry, and electrolytic analysis to aid in the diagnosis of kidney disease, liver disease, infection, anemia, and other serious veterinary conditions.

Client Testimonials

Last Saturday was our first time there and our experience was a 5! Everyone was very informative and welcoming! Thank you!

— Carole Lefebvre

Bringing both of our dogs to be cared for, we are extremely pleased with the care they are receiving. Sadie, Willow and I thank you all.

— Sue Lenz

I really appreciated the way the doctors at the clinic cared for Diamond. Over fifteen years of love with my wonderful dog and the quality of regular care she received at the clinic made it possible. I was especially touched by the sympathy card I receive after sadly having to put her to sleep, it shows they really care.

— Darryl Anton

After recently moving to Minnesota we researched many veterinarian options and we chose the Zimmerman Veterinary Clinic. The staff was honest, thorough and genuinely caring. Their follow-up on our pets care was outstanding. Itís worth the trip for your petís care.

— The Connorsí Family - Rich & Amy Maximus, Petie, Buster, Bandit, Shadow, Kodibear & Sammy

We have taken our pets to the Zimmerman Vet Clinic for 20 years. Even when our visit was a sad one, we were treated with kindness and courtesy. The staff has always been professional and friendly. We highly recommend Zimmerman Vet Clinic to anyone who loves their pet.

— Bratsch

The staff at Zimmerman Veterinary Clinic has taken care of my dogs since 1979. I am especially pleased with the care of my last companion/friend, Ruby Mae. She received the best care I could have expected. The staff gave her loving care and attention during her whole lifetime. I canít thank them enough for being there for support. I will continue to use them with my new friend, Baily Sue.

— Sincerely, Dale Cannon

We love Zimmerman Vet! They give the best care & have a wonderful staff!

— Laurie Gansen Cramer

Thank you all for being such amazing people & taking such great care of my little man Bentlee! You will never know how much I appreciate all your information, fast actions & the care you put forth to all animals that come to your office! Thanks Again!

— Dani George

Iíve had dogs all my life and this is by far the best place to take your pet for their veterinary needs!!! Great service from the entire staff, they really care about the wellness of your pet, and my Gauge gets a little extra TLC (he is a senior now).

— Bonni Placek Cook