Veterinary Surgical Services for Zimmerman MN Pets

Veterinary Surgery For Zimmerman MN Cats & Dogs

ZimmVet offers high-quality surgical services to our clients. At our facility, we have the capability to perform a wide range of procedures, including spays, neuters, mass removals, laceration repairs, histopathology (tissue analysis, sent out), declaws, puppy tail docking and dewclaw removal, and ear hematoma repairs (ruptured vessel). We also offer in-house orthopedic surgeries by a board-certified surgeon and orthopedic surgeon consults.

We recommend spaying or neutering your pet at six months of age. Your pet will generally have a better temperament and fewer health problems if this is done at an early age. Studies show that 25% of intact female dogs will develop mammary cancer by the time they are adults. This risk dramatically decreases to less than 1% when females are spayed before their first heat. Younger pets are also usually healthier and recover faster from the surgery. Prior to surgery, we will perform a full physical exam of the animal, which includes blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery.

What to Expect on the Day of Surgery

At ZimmVet, we provide a high level of safety and care before, during, and after your pet’s surgical procedure. Prior to surgery, your animal companion will receive pain medication, which has been proven to reduce pain and discomfort experienced by the patient during and after surgery.

An intravenous catheter will be placed that permits the safe injection of anesthetic drugs. The catheter also gives the surgical team a direct port in case life-saving drugs need to be administered. To ensure adequate breathing during the procedure, a tracheal tube is used. Your canine or feline friend will receive fluids during the surgery to ensure proper blood pressure and hydration. A certified veterinary technician will closely monitor your pet during the surgery. The technician uses monitoring devices that measure blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, and oxygen saturation.

Your animal family member will be kept warm by a special warming blanket that eliminates the chance of a thermal skin burn. All of our equipment is routinely checked and calibrated to ensure safety during your pet’s surgery. Once in recovery, your animal friend is kept comfortable with blankets and pillows. The technicians administer pain medication, food, water, and take patients on bathroom breaks as soon as they are able. Your pet’s safety during surgery is our top priority.

Client Testimonials

Last Saturday was our first time there and our experience was a 5! Everyone was very informative and welcoming! Thank you!

— Carole Lefebvre

Bringing both of our dogs to be cared for, we are extremely pleased with the care they are receiving. Sadie, Willow and I thank you all.

— Sue Lenz

I really appreciated the way the doctors at the clinic cared for Diamond. Over fifteen years of love with my wonderful dog and the quality of regular care she received at the clinic made it possible. I was especially touched by the sympathy card I receive after sadly having to put her to sleep, it shows they really care.

— Darryl Anton

After recently moving to Minnesota we researched many veterinarian options and we chose the Zimmerman Veterinary Clinic. The staff was honest, thorough and genuinely caring. Their follow-up on our pets care was outstanding. Itís worth the trip for your petís care.

— The Connorsí Family - Rich & Amy Maximus, Petie, Buster, Bandit, Shadow, Kodibear & Sammy

We have taken our pets to the Zimmerman Vet Clinic for 20 years. Even when our visit was a sad one, we were treated with kindness and courtesy. The staff has always been professional and friendly. We highly recommend Zimmerman Vet Clinic to anyone who loves their pet.

— Bratsch

The staff at Zimmerman Veterinary Clinic has taken care of my dogs since 1979. I am especially pleased with the care of my last companion/friend, Ruby Mae. She received the best care I could have expected. The staff gave her loving care and attention during her whole lifetime. I canít thank them enough for being there for support. I will continue to use them with my new friend, Baily Sue.

— Sincerely, Dale Cannon

We love Zimmerman Vet! They give the best care & have a wonderful staff!

— Laurie Gansen Cramer

Thank you all for being such amazing people & taking such great care of my little man Bentlee! You will never know how much I appreciate all your information, fast actions & the care you put forth to all animals that come to your office! Thanks Again!

— Dani George

Iíve had dogs all my life and this is by far the best place to take your pet for their veterinary needs!!! Great service from the entire staff, they really care about the wellness of your pet, and my Gauge gets a little extra TLC (he is a senior now).

— Bonni Placek Cook