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Pet Grooming at Zimmvet

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Grooming Packages

  • Basic Bath — Includes bath, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning
  • Full Service — Includes bath, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, and light trimming or shaving
  • Premium — Includes bath, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, and full body trim or shave
  • Basic Cat Groom — Waterless Bath, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning
  • Premium Cat Groom — Waterless Bath, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, and full body shave
  • Puppy discount on all grooming services
  • Grooming discount on 7 or more-day hotel stays


  • De-shedding Treatment — Bath using shampoo and conditioner which opens pores and loosens the undercoat. Additional brushing also included.
  • Chi Treatment — Shampoo that offers long lasting smell, prevents matting, is water resistant, and leaves proteins that make hair extra smooth and silky.
  • Conditioner — Bath with shampoo and conditioner
  • Anal Glands — Completed by Veterinary Staff
  • Teeth Brush — Prevent plaque buildup; freshens breath (Dogs Only)
  • Nail Grinding — Use of grinder to round edges after a trim (Dogs Only)
  • Additional — Additional brushing, scissoring, or de-matting
Pet Grooming at Zimmvet

Sedation Options

  • Oral Anti-Anxiety — Must be current on physical exam to dispense
  • Injectable Sedation — Must be current on physical exam and PreOp4/CBC bloodwork to dispense

Please call for current pricing and availability.

Requirements for Grooming Services

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations including: Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough), Influenza and Distemper Combination (distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus). Leptospirosis and Lyme vaccinations are recommended, but not required (owners should discuss the risk with our veterinary staff). Puppies must be current on vaccinations appropriate for their age. Veterinary records are required prior to admission.
  • Current on Flea prevention. At check-in we will ask you to record medication and date when last dose was given.
  • General Dewormer with in the last 30 days and Negative stool sample every 6 months (most heartworm preventative include a dewormer).
Pet Grooming at Zimmvet

If your pet needs any services updated, an appointment must be made with our Pet Clinic prior to grooming.

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Client Testimonials

Wonderful Care! We have been bringing both dogs to ZimmVet for years. We always get great care and everyone is friendly. Our Lab gets so excited when she gets there. Our other dog suffers from great anxiety and they treat her so well. They know the personality of both so well and know how to treat them.

— Lee D.

I would not know of any other veterinarian that has a more caring staff that are patient with us and take the time to listen about our three Pomeranians. Zimmvet knows how important our girls are to us and I would not take a chance on bringing them anywhere else.

— Ken G.

Our vet honored our desire to keep expenses down by providing us with estimates of the treatment we could choose from while trying to find out what was wrong with our very sick puggle. No cost was hidden. On top of all this, our dog was given excellent care. We love Zimmvet.

— Carisa M.

I have and will continue to recommend ZimmVet to others. The staff is personable and professional on all levels, both to the human clients and the animal patients. It is reassuring to me to know that I can count on them for any assistance I may need in caring for my pets now and in the future.

— Lou S.

We love Zimmvet! And most importantly, Handsome loves everyone at Zimmvet! We use their vet services and pet hotel and couldn't be happier with both. Highly recommend!

— Leigh C.

Our experiences over the years are always positive, even if the outcome isn't. The doctors and staff are warm and friendly. They are also very professional and thorough. We feel strongly that we get great value for our dollar, as well as wonderful pet care.

— Laurie C.

ZimmVet Pet Hotel has provided extended stay care for our German Shepherd and Black Labrador twice in the last two years. They did a great job of caring for them both during a two-week trip - not only catering to their needs but their concerned owners with email updates and photos. We can't say enough good things about ZimmVet Pet Hotel!!

— Curt V.

ZimmVet has well trained and competent professionals, but even more important to me is that they are sincerely 'good' people. They care about you and your pets - you're just not another record. In addition to the great staff, they offer a very broad range of services - even day care and training classes!

— Suzanne F.