Samantha Sams CPDT-KA Trainer/Pet Groomer- ZimmVet

As a pet Owner we are always wanting what is best, or healthiest for our pets. Consistent nail care is sometimes overlooked, but a crucial part of your dogs well-being. Toenails that are kept too long have the possibility of causing joint discomfort in the future. Broken nails are also a common problem, and are stressful on everyone involved.

We recommend a consistent nail care schedule. Most dogs it is recommended every 6-8 weeks. With dogs requiring haircuts, this typically falls nicely into their Grooming appointments anyway. But with shorter coated breeds, we tend to forget.

Nail Trimming

A nail trim is a simple process. Here at ZimmVet we use and recommend what is called a “Scissor-type” nail clipper. This style is less bulky, and gives you a good view of what is being done. The clipping process is quick, and doesn’t stress out a fearful dog with new noises or sensations.

A nail trim does leave a sharp edge on the toenail. If you have hardwood floors, leather furniture, or a dog that likes to jump- there is a higher possibility of scratches. You also have the possibility of clipping the dogs quick, which is a very uncomfortable feeling to the dog.

Nail Grinding

A nail grinder is a fast rotating tool with a sanding head. The idea is that this files down the dogs toenail. This leaves you with a smoother, rounded edge. This means less chance of scratching you, or your furniture. You also have the ability to get closer to the dogs quick, without the possibility of causing them to bleed.

Most dogs take a little bit of time to become acclimated to a nail grinder. It is bulky, noisy, and definitely feels goofy on their feet. If you have a nervous pup, this can be a very uncomfortable object.

Neither option is the wrong answer, both a clipper and a grinder work very well. Your dog’s personality, and skill level can help determine which is the best for them. Our staff can also help you make a decision, and answer any questions you may have

Our trained staff would love spending time getting to know your pet, and get you on a consistent Nail Care Schedule. We offer this option 7 days a week, and can be done during your Daycare & Hotel stay or during a Veterinary appointment.

Does your pet need a Haircut? Our Groomers also offer this option 7 days a week, and a Nail Trim is always included. You can upgrade this service to a Nail Grind as well. Contact us today with any questions!