By: Rebecca Brethorst, CVT at ZimmVet

1). Hide & seek

Sneak away into a different room of the house & hide behind curtains, a shower curtain, or even under the covers. Call your dog’s name out and let them search for you, I can guarantee their tail will be wagging when they find you!

2). Teach an old dog new tricks (or brush up on old ones)

Working on training can be a great way to keep your dog mentally active, even if they’re stuck inside.

If you’re teaching your dog to shake, or just brushing up basic commands – you’re providing your dog with mental stimulation that is not only fun for them, but can also tucker them out. Be sure to keep training sessions at an appropriate length of time. Don’t train so long that your dog gets bored, and make sure they rest so they can retain what they’ve learned.

3). DIY puzzle toy

Take an empty plastic bottle and put a small amount of your dog’s dry food into it, cut a hole only larger than the kibble and watch your dog have fun batting it around to get the food out. Not only will your dog love eating the treats, it is great mental stimulation for your dog to figure out HOW to get the food out!

*Make sure to watch your pet closely to make sure they are not chewing up or ingesting the bottle.

4). Pamper your pooch

Use the opportunity to trim your dog’s nails (if they allow it) and brush out their coat.

5). Dog bowling

This is a fun one! Collect old plastic bottles and place them in a triangular pattern at the end of a hallway. Throw a toy over the bottles so that your dog is the “bowling ball”. Take turns playing with another person and see who can get the most “strikes” or “spares”. This is a sure way to tire out your pooch!