By Michaela Tallant, ZimmVet Professional Pet Groomer

If your dog struggles with stress and anxiety, Adaptil is a great management tool. Whether you’re using it for a puppy or adult dog, Adaptil can help them feel comforted and secure.

How Does Adaptil Work?

Mother dogs can communicate with their puppies by using “comforting messages” that are released from the mammary zone. These messages are called dog appeasing pheromones. Adaptil releases these odorless pheromones to replicate the comforting messages they received as puppies.  The 3 different kinds of dispensers that are used for Adaptil are listed below.

Home Diffusers

These diffusers are simple to use and a great tool for separation or kennel anxiety. All you have to do is plug it in to an outlet and give it a day to fully diffuse and disperse in the room. Keep in mind with these that the pheromone can’t travel around corners or through walls. So it is most ideal for small rooms that house your dog.  The Diffuser itself is recommended to be replaced every 6 months and the refill of the pheromones needs to be done monthly.


The Adaptil color is another great but simple way to use these comforting messages. It’s great for all events, situations, and times of the day. All you have to do is put the collar on your dog. Make sure it’s nice and snug so the friction of the skin-to-collar contact will release the pheromone. The collar is good for up to a month after being opened. It is ok for the collar to get wet, just note that it won’t work as well until it is dry again.


Adaptil Spray is great for travel anxiety. You can spray this on a bandana or your dog’s favorite blanket. You’ll want to spray it on the item 8 times and wait 15 minutes before having the item on or near your dog. You will want to reapply this every 4-5 hours.

Check out the Adaptil website ( for more information regarding Adaptil products and use.