By: Ashley Middendorf, CVT ZimmVet

  1. Presurgical exam: Each pet will come in for a presurgical exam prior to the day of surgery. This will allow the doctor to evaluate your pet as well as update any necessary lab work and vaccines that your pet needs.
  2. Schedule the surgery: The actual surgical appointment can be schedule over the phone or in person. Wait times vary depending on the procedure but the sooner you schedule the better.
  3. Consent form: The surgery consent form will be sent to you via email and be completed prior to the surgery day.
  4. Night before surgery day: No food after 10pm, but water is ok up until your pet is at the clinic
  5. Morning of surgery: You’ll be dropping off your pet with the surgery technician at a scheduled time usually between 7:30 am and 8:30 am.
  6. Surgery will be completed for your pet.
  7. After Surgery: You will be notified of you pets completion of surgery and how he or she is recovering.
  8. Discharge time: You will be scheduled a discharge time to pick up your pet and go over discharge instructions/medications with a certified veterinary technician.
  9. Recheck: Depending on what surgery your pet had you may need to bring he or she back for a recheck with the surgery doctor in a certain time frame.